Our History

SIBCO & FIT come together to enhance the experience of more than 10 years in the world of computer solutions, specializing to offer software engineering and consulting services for the different stages of IT projects, focused on providing value from the use of Agile methodologies and state-of-the-art tools.

We consolidate regionally and increase challenges and business volume.


Services to add value: Our services are designed not only from the point of view of technical and operational capacity, our proposal includes technological, architectural and methodological aspects that represent a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Legacys Integration

In the context of the AMDOCS CRM implementation project in Telefonica Argentina, our team integrated the appraisal, Accounts Receivable, Billing, AFIP, and others modules, allowing the integrated operation of the systems. This process included analysis, design and interfaces development.

Oracle Service Bus 11 to 12 migration

Telefonica de Argentina: Version upgrade that allowed to improve delivery times. A significant improvement was achieved in implementation times in TEST, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION environments. In a record time of 6 months, 300 integrations will be migrated.

Middleware Services 7x24 Support

We assumed control of Movistar's support service at the end of 2019 and we quickly achieved KPIs with compliance rates above 90%, improving month by month.

Our Services


We provide this service with Agile methodologies which allows minimizing development and implementation times. We are experts in MicroServices and Integrations. We adapt to the client's needs, we manage to minimize time and costs.


Bilingual 7X24 team. Application Support N1, N2, N3. Infrastructure Support, Database N1, N2. Deployment and maintenance of environments. On-site or remote support. Our Support Service incorporates preventive activities monitoring the critical services of the client, thus allowing us to minimize the impact of a possible drop in performance or loss of service, in this way our team carries out activities that guarantee operational continuity.


Functional Testing. Automatic Testing of Web Services and Interfaces. Generation of test cases on services. REST, SOAP and custom services. Functional, Stress and Performance scenarios. Continuous Integration, Jenkins. Automation: RPA, JMeter, Selenium. Reporting, analysis of results.


Our professional staff allows us to be agile and fast, fulfilling the needs of our customers. We provide continuous training to our resources allowing us to offer a qualified professional team.

Projects that make us proud

Evolutive/Adaptive Development and Support Service 7X24, on more than 400 integrations with more than 3MM daily transactions - SLA compliance levels> 95% !.

We participate in the definition, planning and implementation of the formal validation process of the correct operation of software applications, with agile methodologies, providing all our experience and customer support.

Analysis, design and development of the client migration module. We integrate the Staging private cloud with the Salesforce and AWS public clouds allowing an automated cyclical migration process.

Use of Machine Learning to transform images to text, extract key information with natural language processing technologies and chatbot implementation.

We participated in the development of Telecom customizations on the Order Manager, a Velocity product on the Salesforce platform.

Our Staff

Experts and dedicated professionals who will guarantee the fulfillment of your plans. Today, your future is closer.

Juan Lucas FeraudCOO FyS Group

Gonzalo CocinaCommercial Director FyS Group

Guelmy DiazDevelopment Manager

Pablo KuschniroffTechnical Manager

Who trust us

Voice Of Customer...We trust the FyS team because we always obtained the right profile for the needs...Maria de Benedetto Proyect Manager

Voice Of Customer...We rely on the professionalism of the FyS team to provide support on our applications...Alejandro Blasco HCIS LatAm Professional Services Manager

Voice Of Customer...We appreciate and acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of the FyS Development team for having implemented the modifications by the Corporate system without impact on the productive environments...Mónica Mazzeo IT Director Proyect OSB N2/N3 Support Service

Voice Of Customer...Despite having taken the service without transfer of knowledge, the FyS team managed to reach SLA levels in record time ...Mónica Mazzeo IT Director Proyect OSB N2/N3 Support Service

Voice Of Customer...The FyS team was part of our internal team, giving added value to the automation of tests in our clients...Diego Lopez Quality, Technology and Development Manager